Two Meters - The Blue Jay EP

Saturday May 25th, 2019 in Reviews

In one of the first Noise Haven reviews last July, I wrote about a self-titled EP by Two Meters. It's approaching a year since then, and Two Meters has returned with their new 5-track, "The Blue Jay" (Released May 17, 2019).

The EP is a slow rise to beautiful, buzzy distortion. On tracks like The Morning Train and Intro to an Attack, fuzzy leads are carried on waves of air-bashing drums. They find their way to shore in the more delicate moments on tracks like In the Wake and Pools, and then there are unleashings of turned-up-to-11 that practically electrify the air around the speakers you're listening on. All in all, The Blue Jay is clearly a work of emotional release and has every bit of darkness that made Two Meters' last EP special. But as with that release, the dark colors that Two Meters paints with here are far from depressing. This is music with a warm heartbeat.

Please listen for yourself:

Music written and recorded by Tyler Costolo with backing vocals on "In the Wake" by Margo Dellaquila. Mixed by Yuuki Matthews and masted by Warren Hildebrand.

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