Track-By-Track: Mouse Trap - Mouse Trap (2018)

Tuesday June 19th, 2018 in Reviews

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Here's a track-by-track overview of Mouse Trap's self titled record which is available on Z-Tapes as a cassette and digital album. From the Z-Tapes website:

Cassettes are available in limited edition of 100 copies in black and white color and will be shipped from Slovakia.
Each purchase will include traditional Slovakian sweets, Z Tapes sticker, thank you note and the brand new tape!
Includes unlimited streaming of Mouse Trap via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

Dream Girl - The curtain opens. The crowd goes silent. Mouse Trap is on stage. Short, twangy guitar strums accompany the entrance of vocals. There's an organ sound warbling in the background. An album unfolds.

"I ruin everything it's a catastrophic scene"

Out of Reach - And away from any mention of catastrophe we are taken as we land in the cheery hopefulness of Out of Reach.

"Oh all the things we will be
When we are not so out of reach"

Nothing More To Do - A nice cold glass of upbeat and casually executed melodies pour out of Nothing More To Do, and the sun is hot on our faces as we listen to the bliss of the lyrics, of surrendering to what fate we've been dealt:

"I had always thought we'd be together
Now that you're gone there's nothing to be done"

I Can't Be What You Need - We've all loved a person who just saw right through us. And we all have friends we've grown apart from. Through it all, at least we have Mouse Trap to remind us it's okay:

"I can't be what they need
I can't be what you need"

On My Own - And sometimes contentment with staying home can be all we need.

"I don't like anybody who lives in this town"
"When I go out they just push me around"
"So I stay at home all on my own"

Holy Water - Electric guitar and vocal melodies are the holy water of this track.

"Holy water
Angel in the sky
Sing me a song on high
I don't want to ever die"

Untitled - Title not needed. This one shines.

Best Friend - The female vocals (Susannah Cutler) are a great fit with Jackson's. The keyboard lead is trancelike and well-crafted.

"My friend Ryan never seems to know
What to do or where to go
So she follows me all over
Even though I'm a whole year younger
Ryan your my best friend
Even though I don't say it that often"

Birthday - I'd love to be in the room when Mouse Trap is playing this one.

"I am so ashamed
Of my birth name
Oh who's to blame"

We're in Love - One last thing before I go, Jackson says to the audience. The lights go down and a single spotlight remains. The last track plays out and we're far from where Dream Girl had us. There's a sense of change and acceptance. The album ends with:

"Now I can put
You before me
We're in love"

To Mouse Trap, all members

This album was refreshingly real and fun to listen to. I urge you to keep making music together. Looking forward to doing another track-by-track of your next release!

Album Credits

Jackson Eudy - vocals, guitar, bass, keyboard, and drums
Jacques Gleizer - guitar
Kolby Kelly - keyboard and bells
Jacob Bruce - bass
Deryck Bererra - bass
Susannah Cutler - vocals

Written by Jackson Eudy
Produced by Jacques Gleizer
Recorded at Cloudland by Rob Rux and at home by the band
Mixed by Justin Wabs
Mastered by Calum Newton
Design by Ryan McCardle


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