Noise Haven Question and Answer

Sunday August 12th, 2018 in Blog Posts

Here are some questions that I imagine you'd like to ask me, and some that I just wanted to ask myself:

Why did you start a blog?

I love to write, but I am not a writer by trade, so blogging is an escape from the more technical work I do profession-wise.

Another reason I made Noise Haven was seeing so many DIY and bedroom-recording artists discouraged by the fact that barely anyone acknowledged their music. I believe this is a problem of “getting lost in the noise”, and so I wanted to provide a haven for that noise.

There are these silly trends in indie music (and all music) where suddenly all blogs/labels/venues start caring about just one sound. And it creates the illusion that everybody needs to be making that type of music.

For example, see this Pigeons and Planes article. Really well-written article, but my criticism is that all these artists sound the same and their style is just what is trendy. There's nothing wrong with a trend, but pushing a trend too far means lots of great other music gets overlooked.

I started Noise Haven to push back against trends when they're getting out of hand.

Haven't you heard? Blogs aren't relevant anymore. Spotify Discover Weekly is.

Well, sure, but then again I'm not attempting to be the greatest source of music discovery there ever was. I'd simply like to encourage artists by giving them recognition.

I don't really care if anyone uses Noise Haven to discover new stuff or not.

Also, Spotify web-crawls to find new, internet-discussed tracks. If I make a blog post or a tweet mentioning someone's song or album and that crawler sees a match in the Spotify catalog, it gives the music a chance at editorial playlists, release radar, discover weekly, etc.

I understand people's fear and distrust of algorithms, but I don't think there should be great fear. Algorithms sounds like a scary word as if it's a sophisticated robot telling you your music sucks. In reality, it's just a tool to get your songs to the right listeners. Also, feed it the right information and you could find it helping you as an artist.

This is not to say that algorithms are completely problem-free. The problem I discussed earlier about trends is certainly not helped by Spotify's (and other services') internet-trend calculations.

Why do you limit the blog to music that is lofi/bedroom pop/indie?

It's a mix of personal preference and a desire to have focus.

Yes, it would be great to feature any and all genres sent my way, but there's something bland about blogs without filters. Any old Twitter bot can just re-post whatever people ask it to.

Why do you like cassette labels so much?

They happen to be releasing the kind of music I enjoy.

Also, cassette labels rarely make much of a profit from sales, as far as I know, which means they are unmotivated by the aforementioned trends.

If I had the resources, knowledge, and time, I'd probably start my own cassette label because I love the idea of supporting smaller artists like that. Maybe someday I'll figure it out and release a compilation of some Noise-Haven featured tracks.

How many people run Noise Haven?

We're a team of 16 people, and we have an office at — nah, kidding. Noise Haven is one person :)

Why does Noise Haven have a lack of images/graphics?

The site is bare-bones because I don't want to clutter or slow-down the site with unnecessary things. I want Noise Haven to be speedy in the delivery of music-related information.

Will there ever be a search-bar on Noise Haven?

As soon as I figure out how to do that.

What is the plan for Noise Haven?

There's no plan. I'll continue blogging when I can and make some musician friends along the way.

Why is the color-scheme of Noise Haven red?

It was part of a typography theme preset and I liked it.

Tech specs of Noise Haven?

Made with GatsbyJS. Deployed with Netlify.