Finds - Week of June 11, 2018

Sunday June 17th, 2018 in Weekly Finds

Sage Boy - Visit
I absolutely love the vocal harmonies on this track as well as their melody choices. They make some really well-thought out songwriting sound effortless.

Fahrenheit 808 - Mosquito Bites
The textures and percussion are too cool on this one. Check it out. Seriously.

Baseball Gregg - Infinite Scrolling
Z-Tapes (cassette label) has this one as a cassette and digital preorder. The instrumentation is the best part for me. Sounds the opposite of overproduced and the vocals really fit in with that lo-fi theme too.

Earth Dad - Walter
Another from Z-Tapes. Had to include it. It's like if Richie Woods and Heno Heno collaborated - But better than that. So damn relaxed and an easy listen.

Aqua Girl! - Her
Really catchy! Also from looking through the Z-Tapes catalog. Totally gotta check out more from Aqua Girl!!