How Much Does Noise Haven Cost Me?

Saturday June 1st, 2019 in Blog Posts

Maybe you would like to start your own blog and are wondering how much Noise Haven costs me to own. Here's some info:

  • I used GatsbyJS to generate the code for the site (doesn't cost anything, but can be challenging for a non-technical person). Gatsby is a site generator, meaning you just follow some instructions, run some commands, and the hard part is done for you.
  • $12/year for the domain with Google Domains.
  • Free hosting on Netlify. Once I built the site with Gatsby, I followed some more instructions and ran some more commands to get everything live on the web. Netflify's free option works great for me. They also have paid options for larger projects.

So I only pay 12 bucks a year to write blog posts and keep them at my own web address. There are many routes to take when building and buying a website. I don't pay very much, but I had to go through a technical process to get everything running. Also, I can't easily add new features to the site. It is minimal partly because I like minimalistic design and partly because it would take a lot of time (that I don't have) to add new functionality.

If you simply want a place to write words, the route I followed to get Noise Haven may be perfect for you. If you want a website that does more and has a complex visual design, you may want to look into something like SquareSpace or WordPress. Everyone has different needs!

Hope this was informative!

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