Heart Eyes - Girly

Wednesday November 28th, 2018 in Reviews

If you're reading this, you must be wondering where I've been. Long story short: busy. I haven't had time to work on blog stuff in a while, and now that I have more time, I am excited to start featuring great music again.

This post will be about the new Heart Eyes album, Girly.

I will be brief. There is reading about an album, and then there is listening to it for yourself. You should click play, that's the most important thing!

Girly, by Heart Eyes, is out on a cassette label called deadplant records based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

I am not driving while listening to Girly, but I wish I were. Something tells me it would do great as an accompaniment to the blur of passing scenery. Perhaps as the sun is setting and the air is cold outside.

The album's got these little details (and you'll hear new ones with each replay) and Heart Eyes seems to have a limitless supply of new textural and percussive elements to pull from, all of them doused in echoes and reverb. Tracks like, "The alligator kid" and "If i forget to say thank you" sound like they are living, breathing things.

"Cold brew (feat. Sea Grapes)", with its warped sway, is my favorite.

Give this album a listen. It's lo-fi in the best way.