Finds - Week of July 30, 2018

Tuesday July 31st, 2018 in Weekly Finds


Updated weekly finds format: a TRACKS section simply listing links. Then HIT PLAY HERE with embedded players.

This helps declutter the page, make it (appear to) load faster and provides an option for those who prefer listening on source sites.


  1. Turkish Delight — Don't Look at Me

  2. William Carlos Whitten — Poor Thing

  3. Heart Eyes — I am crying, I can't talk

  4. Trust Fund — Abundant

  5. Suburban Pets — I Refuse to Say Goodbye

  6. Lumer - Blood on Suits

  7. Community Records Compilation Vol​.​6

  8. (Silence) — At The End (edit)

  9. Norphlet - Brand New

  10. Bear Scouts — The Pills (I Know)