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Likes, Follows, Streams, Numbers

December 16, 2018

Likes, Follows, Streams, Numbers

This is 🔥

Apparently, like an episode of Black Mirror, there are an army of musicians on Instagram commenting emojis on pictures from weeks or months ago. As a person, and not just a blog to send things to, this is disheartening.

It is not 🔥.

And I am afraid this tactic for attention is futile.

The Meaningless Integer

Do not obsess over an entry in a database that holds record of your x # of fans, followers, streams, etc.

Obsess over the way you felt when you played back the song you just recorded. Obsess over the things that one blog said about how much they liked it. Or over the nice thing a random fan DM’d you.

Prove You’re Not a Robot

Form real connections with people.

You can pay for streams and followers. Long-time fans who return to your music for comfort and nostalgia cannot be bought.

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