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Finds - Week of July 2, 2018

July 03, 2018

Got some really great submissions this week. It’s great to stumble upon things whether sent to me or found browsing randomly.

Two Meters - Two Meters EP
I also just posted about this one in a track-by-track!

Daisy Star - Daisy Star
Check out this album!

Daisy Star on Apple Music
Daisy Star on SoundCloud

cophin - The Living End

cophin on Instagram

Sometimes you can just be scrolling through Twitter and find a hidden gem. Case in point:
Balding - A.W.Y.W.

Balding on Twitter

Aural Air - The Heir of Indignation (Bonus Track)

Aural Air on Facebook

Wild Cat Strike - ‘I Feel Good’ (Official Video)

Find more links to Wild Cat Strike’s music here

Blaque Trumpet - lonely yet loved

Blaque Trumpet - beautiful pain

Blaque Trumpet on Twitter

Thanks for checking out the blog and these tracks - If you like a song, let the artist or band know! I’m sure they’d be super happy to hear.

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