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How Much Does Noise Haven Cost Me?

June 01, 2019

Maybe you would like to start your own blog and are wondering how much Noise Haven costs me to own. Here’s some info:I used GatsbyJS to…

Ranked - Most Important Things When Choosing Songs for the Blog

May 30, 2019

Choosing songs for the blog is no simple task. I want Noise Haven to feel curated. Call it being picky or too critical, I feel selectiveness…

Likes, Follows, Streams, Numbers

December 16, 2018

Likes, Follows, Streams, Numbers is 🔥Apparently, like an episode of Black Mirror, there are an…

Noise Haven Question and Answer

August 12, 2018

Here are some questions that I imagine you’d like to ask me, and some that I just wanted to ask myself:Why did you start a blog?I love to…

Do Music Blogs Even Matter?

July 10, 2018

For argument’s sake, let’s say they don’t matterBlogs can’t compete because they are websites, and websites may be overkill. The only thing…

Welcome to the blog

June 17, 2018

A place to find new songs by artists who probably aren’t on your radarSo you can one day proudly say, “I listened to that band before they…

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